Toby Stephens
Biographical Information
Born April 21st, 1969
London, England
Productions Onegin as Vladimir Lensky
Vocal Type Tenor

Toby Stephens is an English actor


Born to actor parents in London, England, Stephens trained at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts and made his film debut in 1992. Shortly after graduation, he played the titular character in Coriolanus, and in 2002, he played the villainous Gustav Graves in the Bond film Die Another Day. Since then, Stephens has performed readings and radio dramatisations as Bond.

In 2006 he portrayed Edward Rochester in a television production of Jane Eyre, and received praise for his role in Tom Stoppard's The Real Thing. In 2013 he appeared opposite wife Anna-Louise Plowman in a production of Private Lives.


Stephens only has one singing role to his name, that of Vladimir Lensky in Onegin, in which he sang "Gelder Rose in Bloom" with Lena Headey.


Onegin (1999)Edit

  • Gelder Rose in Bloom (duet)

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