Tom Hollander
Biographical Information
Born August 25th, 1967
Bristol, England
Productions The Threepenny Opera as Jack Macheath
Rev as Reverend Adam Smallbone
Recordings The Threepenny Opera (1994 cast recording)
Vocal Type Tenor

Tom Hollander is an English actor.


Born in Bristol, Gloucestershire, Hollander attended the National Youth Theatre and the Children's Music Theatre as well as being a member of Footlights. He was initially a popular stage actor, several times being honoured with the Ian Charleson Award, before becoming a familiar face on television and in motion pictures. He was the bumbling Mr. Collins in the 2005 Pride and Predjudice and played the villainous Lord Cutler Beckett in the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

In British television, Hollander is a writer and performer, co-creating the series Rev, in which he starred as the well-meaning Reverend Adam Smallbone. He has also been called upon many times by BBC radio, most notably for a reading of The Casual Vacancy.


Hollander has only played one professional singing role, as the infamous Jack "Mack the Knife" Macheath in a production of The Threepenny Opera in 1994.

However, in Rev, he sings in a number of episodes, usually leading his congregation in a hymn. In the penultimate episode, frustrated at his failings, he sings "Lord of the Dance" atop a hill in Central London.


Rev (2009)Edit

  • To Be a Pilgrim
  • Lord of all hopefulness, Lord of all joy (duet)
  • On the First Day of Christmas (solo)
  • Lord of the Dance (solo)


The Threepenny Opera (1994)Edit

  • Gang Song (Wedding Song)
  • Squaddies Song (Cannon Song)(contains solo lines)
  • Love Duet (duet)
  • Knocking Shop Tango (duet)
  • Easy Life (Ballade)(solo)
  • What Keeps a Man Alive?(Il Dreigroschenfinale)(contains solo lines)
  • A Call From the Grave (solo)
  • Ballad in Which Macheath Begs All Men for Forgiveness (solo)
  • Act III Finale (contains solo lines)

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