This is about the stage musical. For the film see The Triumph of Love.


Triumph of Love.

Triumph of Love is a stage musical based on the play Le Triomphe de l'Amour by Pierre de Marivaux.



The play centers on Spartan princess Léonide, whose love for Agis is complicated by the fact her throne was wrongfully wrested by her family from the object of her affection. Agis has been raised an educated man ruled by reason rather than passion by his uncle Hermocrates and his aunt Hesione.

The princess, conspiring with her servant Corine, disguises herself as Phocion in order to infiltrate the guarded "men-only" palace compound occupied by Agis, who is plotting her assassination. Complications ensue when both Agis and Hermocrates separately guess her secret, and she tells the former she's Cécile, on the lam from an undesirable paramour, and to the latter claims to be Aspasie, who wishes to study philosophy with him. Adding to the convoluted plot are Hermocrates' valet Harlequin and gardener Dimas.

Musical numbersEdit

Act I
  • "This Day of Days" - Hesione, Harlequin, Agis, and Hermocrates
  • "Anything" - Princess Leonide
  • "The Bond that Can't Be Broken" - Princess Leonide, Agis
  • "Mr. Right" - Corine, Harlequin
  • "You May Call Me Phocion" - Princess Leonide, Hesione
  • "Mr. Right" (Reprise) - Corine, Dimas
  • "Emotions" - Hermocrates, Princess Leonide
  • "The Sad and Sordid Saga of Cécile" - Princess Leonide, Agis, Corine, Harlequin, Dimas
  • "Serenity" - Hesione
  • "Issue in Question" - Agis
  • "Teach Me Not to Love You" - The Company
Act II
  • "Have A Little Faith" - Corine, Princess Leonide, Harlequin, Dimas
  • "The Tree" - Hesione, Hermocrates
  • "What Have I Done?" - Princess Leonide
  • "Henchmen Are Forgotten" - Harlequin, Dimas, Corine
  • "Love Won't Take No For An Answer" - Hermocrates, Hesione, Agis
  • "This Day of Days" (Reprise) - Princess Leonide, Agis, Corine, Harlequin, Dimas

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