Via Galactica.

Via Galactica is a science-fiction stage musical.



A futuristic story of social outcasts living on an asteroid in the year 2972. Among them is Gabriel Finn, a space sanitation man who collects trash in a clamshell-shaped garbage ship called the Helen of Troy.

Musical numbersEdit

Act I
  • "Via Galactica" - Storyteller
  • "We Are One" - Blue People
  • "Helen of Troy" - Gabriel
  • "Oysters" - Hels and April
  • "The Other Side of the Sky" - Hels
  • "Children of the Sun" - Omaha
  • "Different" - April and Company
  • "Take Your Hat Off" - Omaha and Company
  • "Ilmar's Tomb" - Omaha
  • "Shall We Friend?" - Gabriel
  • "The Lady Isn't Looking" - Omaha
  • "Hush" - Gabriel
  • "Cross on Over" - Dr. Isaacs, Omaha and Company
  • "The Gospel of Gabriel Finn" - Gabriel
Act II
  • "Terre Haute High" - April
  • "Life Wins" - Omaha
  • "The Worm Germ" - Provo
  • "Isaacs' Equation" - Dr. Isaacs
  • "Dance the Dark Away!" - Storyteller and Company
  • "Four Hundred Girls Ago" - Gabriel
  • "All My Good Mornings" - Omaha
  • "Isaacs' Equation" (Reprise) - Dr. Isaacs
  • "Children of the Sun" (Reprise) - Omaha and Gabriel
  • "New Jerusalem" - Company

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