Vincent Cassel
Biographical Information
Born November 23rd, 1966
Paris, France
Productions Shrek (film soundtrack) as Robin Hood
Eastern Promises as Kirill
Recordings Shrek (film soundtrack)
Vocal Type Tenor

Vincent Cassel is a French actor.


Born in Paris, France, Cassel began his career in French films, making his breakout in La Haine, before making an early English language experience as the foppish Duc D'Anjou in Elizabeth. Shortly after this, he appeared in the highly controversial Irreversible and provided the French dubbing voice for Diego in Ice Age.

Cassel later made a larger amount of English language films, including Ocean's Twelve and Thirteen and The Black Swan, for which he received high acclaim. He also received several awards for Mesrine, in which he played the titular role.


Cassel sang twice onscreen, as the braggart Robin Hood in Shrek (performing his own theme song) and in Eastern Promises as the gangster Kirill, singing the classic Russian song "Step da Step Krugom".


Shrek (2001)Edit

  • Monsieur Hood (contains solo lines)

Eastern Promises (2007)Edit

  • Step da Step Krugom (solo)

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