What Makes Sammy Run?.

What Makes Sammy Run? is a stage musical based on the Buddy Schulberg novel of the same name.



The story centers on a ruthlessly ambitious young man who schemes his way to the top of the Hollywood studio food chain, betraying friends and lovers in his wake.

Musical numbersEdit

Act I

  • "A New Pair of Shoes" - Sammy, Al and Ensemble
  • "You Help Me" - Sammy and Al
  • "A Tender Spot" - Kit Sargent
  • "Lites--Camera--Platitude" - Sammy, Kit and Al
  • "My Hometown" - Sammy
  • "Monsoon" - Rita Rio, Tracy Clark and Ensemble
  • "I See Something" - Laurette and Sammy
  • "Maybe Some Other Time" - Kit and Al
  • "You Can Trust Me" - Sammy
  • "A Room Without Windows" - Kit and Sammy
  • "Kiss Me No Kisses" - Kit and Sammy

Act II

  • "I Feel Humble" - Sammy, Sheik Orsini and Ensemble
  • "Something to Live For" - Kit
  • "Paint a Rainbow" - Rita Rio, Tracy Clark and Ensemble
  • "You're No Good" - Laurette and Sammy
  • "Something to Live For" (Reprise) - Al
  • "My Hometown" (Reprise) - Sammy
  • "The Friendliest Thing" - Laurette
  • "Wedding of the Year" - Ensemble
  • "Some Days Everything Goes Wrong" - Sammy

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