William Duell
Biographical Information
Born August 30th, 1923
Corinth, New York, United States
Died December 22nd, 2011
Manhattan, New York, United States
Productions The Threepenny Opera (1954 cast) as Charles Filch/Messenger
1776 as Andrew McNair (original Broadway cast/1776)
Ilya Darling as Garbage (originated the role)
The Threepenny Opera as Jake
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum as Erronius
Recordings The Threepenny Opera (1954 soundtrack)
Ilya Darling (original cast recording)
1776 (film soundtrack)
The Threepenny Opera (1976 revival)
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (1996 revival)
Vocal Type Baritone

William Duell is an American actor.


Born George Duell in Corinth, New York, Duell became a prominent stage actor with long running roles in 1776 and The Threepenny Opera. He also appeared onscreen on a few occasions, notably in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Police Squad!

He passed away in 2011.


Duell sang in a number of stage musicals, beginning with The Threepenny Opera, playing Charles Filch for the first of several occasions (he also played Jake in the 1976 revival). He also played Andrew McNair for the entire run of 1776 and the film adaptation.

In addition to these long-running roles, Duell also originated the role of Garbage in Ilya Darling, and played Erronius in the 1996 revival of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.


1772 (1972)Edit

  • Momma Look Sharp (contains solo lines)


The Threepenny Opera (1954)Edit

Charles FilchEdit
  • Useless Song
  • 3rd Threepenny Finale: The Mounted Messenger

Ilya Darling (1967)(originated the role)Edit

  • Piraeus, My Love (contains solo lines)
  • Love, Love, Love (solo)
  • Medea Tango (contains solo lines)
  • Illya Darling (contains solo lines)
  • Dear Mr. Schubert (solo)
  • The Lesson (duet)
  • Never on Sunday (contains solo lines)
  • Ya Chara

1772 (1969)(originated the role)Edit

  • Momma Look Sharp (contains solo lines)

The Threepenny Opera (1976)Edit

  • Wedding Song for the Less Well-Off
  • The Cannon Song
  • Second Threepenny Finale
  • Third Threepenny Finale

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (1996)Edit

  • Comedy Tonight
  • Comedy Tonight (reprise)(contains solo lines)

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